Sam = Daddy + Mummy?

We have constantly been asked the question: “who does Sam look more like? Mummy or Daddy?”

Most friends and family tend to lean towards daddy. 

We think that Sam looks like both of us really. 

i’m linking the article below, although not a journal article, it provides an easy to read summary of some studies that have been published on this. you can read more (also links the journal articles) in the link below.

it’s interesting to note that the literature is mixed on this issue. some claim to have found baby looks like one or the other parent in the first x days/weeks of life. While some others  claim that the baby looks like both parents. 

what really caught my attention is one of the reasons that the evolutionary psychs gave as to why people tend to attribute similarity to the father. 

well, you see the baby is surely the mother’s but this certainty can’t be said for the father. hence, similarity is attributed to the father to give an assurance of paternity. 

Next time you visit a new born, take a moment to observe what people comment about who the baby looks more like. 

So… does Sam look more like mummy or daddy? 

I’ll let you decide. 


Author: BurpedBaby

The authors are sleep deprived first time parents, starting out on this fresh new challenge. Our interests include: Feeding on demand, burping babies, and changing nappies. In another life, we were full of energy and excitement, ready to take on the world.

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