The first born of the Wongfoks

The ordeal or excitement started at mid night when a prostin pill was inserted into the nether regions of the mother (aka vanessa). Contractions started almost immediately (she was 1.5cm dialated at this point). Contactions ebbed and flowed throughout the night.

While the pill was inserted i was busy settling the admissions paper work.

We stayed the night in the observation room (room 1 to be exact), and were flanked by a PRC with a singaporean husband, and a fillipino couple.

The PRC girl was moaning and groaning the entire night, and was unable to get stronger pain relief other than nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) because her baby’s heart rate was too low. Sam on the other hand was doing fine.

I wasn’t. DID. NOT. SLEEP. AT. ALL.

Meeting room chair and a cramped space.

Felt like guard duty all over again to be honest.

Dr Tham came in at 730am to do a membrane sweep, or breaking the waterbag to begin the process of active labour, this coupled with an oxytocin drip sped up the whole labour process.

10am – 6cm dialated

11 to 1130am – 8 cm dialated. the nurses were overheard talking about shifting us from the observation ward to ‘some other room’ – like about time, i would be going into labour if i stayed there for any longer.

1145am – we got shifted to the delivery or birthing rooms. Midwife came in to move Sam down the birth canal. A few ‘trial’ pushes during contractions. This went on for like 5-6 cycles, and gynae Dr Tham walking in and out 3 times. On the third visit Sam was delivered (refer to illustration below).

Curiously, during the entire delivery, the A-league match between Brisbane Roar and Melbourne City FC was playing. Sam was born watching football.

external comms to friends and family below.

Greetings, family and friends of #wongfoks, grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

It brings us great delight to introduce to you, a newborn; the first born of #wongfoks, weighing 2.69kg at birth, and breathed his first at 1319HRS, on this day, the 7th of December 2016.

His name is Samuel

‘Rejoice in the Lord always, and again, I say REJOICE!’ – Philippians 4:4


Author: BurpedBaby

The authors are sleep deprived first time parents, starting out on this fresh new challenge. Our interests include: Feeding on demand, burping babies, and changing nappies. In another life, we were full of energy and excitement, ready to take on the world.

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